Friday, June 12, 2009

Competency #2

I love Young Adult literature. I have been teaching middle school for four years now, and I see how books can change a student. At the beginning of every year, I tell my students that my goal is to help them find one book that they enjoy reading. I have had many students laugh at me with disbelief. Honestly, many parents even have. But come the end of the year, I ask them if I fulfilled my goal, and 9 out of 10 kids say yes.

The website I found to go with my Young Adult Literature theme is the Young Adult (and Kids) Books Central Blog ( This website has everything; book reviews, latest news, interviews, and much more. As I scrolled down, I noticed so many different forms of literature such as general fiction, fractured fairy tales, graphic novels, historical fiction, and science fiction. When I used the search engine, a lot of different websites came up. The YABC blog is the one that grabbed my attention. The intro to the website states that," The YABC blog is a companion site to the YA Books Central web site! You'll find handy links to the latest reviews, interviews, book giveaways and prize shipment notifications. Be sure to visit the site proper for hundreds of reviews, cool contests, and much more! The blog is just the tip of the iceberg. Or should I say...the first page in the book?"

I hope you enjoy the website!

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