Friday, July 3, 2009

Competency #6- Successive Fractions Search

For the Successive Fractions Search, I used ASC. In order to start, I used the broad term "Young Adult Literature". This search got 4, 586 hits. Most of these hits were specific novels instead of Young Adult Literature in general.

My next search added on to the "Young Adult Literature" and I tried to narrow the search by putting "Author Interviews". This only gave me 8 hits and I knew that I had narrowed it too much because some of the hits I had originally seen were not there. So I went back and changed it to "Interviews". This gave me 53 hits.

I did actually try to add one more facet to the search using "Award Winners". This came up with 14,000 hits. This actually blew up my search instead of narrowing it down.

ASC is a very easy database to work with and it gave me a lot of great information. I could also change dates of articles. I believe this is really useful I might have been looking in the 1980s, and I don't want to wade through all of the other articles.

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