Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thing #9

For me the Google Blog Search was both the most confusing and the easiest to use. When I first started playing around on it, I was very broad on my search topics. After playing with it for a little bit, I realized how specific I needed to be. I was then able to manipulate it to bring up more of what I was looking for and not just fluff.

One of the best tools I found when I was looking at blogs came from I love and so when I found I fell in love. It is basically Wordle but it puts the word in to a picture for you, such as an apple, heart, etc. You can even upload the picture you want the words in the form of. I cannot wait to share this with my students and staff!!!

Thing #8

RSS feeds are something I have just started used at home. With Internet Explorer there is that lovely orange button that you can push on webpages to subscribe to different sites. Talk about love at first sight! The downfall is that I could not take that to every computer with me. With Google Reader, it is right there and I take it to every computer. Now if it would just upload my Delicious account. :)

Now applying this technology in the school would be great when all teachers need to follow a blog. And with so many useful blogs, it is a great tool to keep up with them. Another thing is once you find something of interest, you can share it with your fellow staff members!

As a librarian, I am loving the Google Reader because it is helping me keep up with all of the authors that I like to read!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thing #7- Cool Google Tools

I knew that Google was doing all kinds of things with new applications. I did not know the extent of them. I set up a Google Alert for Hunger Games, and with it I found this great website complete dedicated to one of my favorite books...just plain awesome!

I also set up a calendar for me and my husband and I tried sharing it with him, but the problem with that is that he does not have a gmail account.

I have also been playing with the different Google Docs applications. I really enjoy using them, but with some of it I need to practice with the tools.

I do know that for the Calendar would work well for scheduling things in the library. I also think that it could be used for when a teacher is working with students on a project. A calendar could be set up and viewed by students with specific notes on what to do and the time line. My students already use Google Docs in English. The teacher can do in and edit their work. I believe it works really well for what they want.

The other interactive tool I have used is Google Maps. When teaching Night, I went on Google Maps to show them the journal he took. Google Maps had it already mapped out with pictures to go with it. It was a great visual to show my student!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thing #6- Mashups

After playing with Flickr for awhile, I chose to use, the Mosaic Maker. My search was New York City Skies. I found some pretty cool pictures.
My thoughts on using this in the library is to create poster to do a booktalk on. Not something that will give away a lot of information, but just a few clues as to what is going to happen.
This site is also something that I would like to use for myself.

Thing #5- Flickr

One thing I love about the library is books like this...the old, beautifully bound copies. My grandmother had a ton of these, and I loved to just look at them. By bringing in pictures of old books, the students can get a taste of the history.

Using Flickr is very easy and straightforward. I had heard about it, but never put it into action. There are some very talented photographers out there. I would never have seen the Creative Commons Site if not directed to it. I am excited to start working with Flickr!

Thing #4

I got all signed up for 23 Things. My principal even said I could count the hours! Some of these things I have used before or at least heard of, but I am enjoying getting a chance to play with them before the school year starts!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thing #3

This blog is something that I started with my Master's and have continued to use in order to keep all the useful things I am doing together. I am pretty familiar with blogs, but with things changing everyday, there is always something new.

I have not had a change to comment on anyone else's blog as of yet, but I look forward to that aspect of this process .

Starting 23 Things- Thing #2

After watching the video for "7 1/2 Habits", a few of the habits hit home. #1- Begin with the end in mind, really hit the nail on the head for me. I very rarely do this and I often become frustrated.

Teaching these habits to the students not only will teach them life long learning now, it will teaching then good "habits" to get into for life!