Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thing #11- Library Thing

Using Library Thing is fairly simple. One of the things I like most is the fact that you can add to your collection and the students can see it. I embedded the widgit into the blog and it was so easy. Now it will just take me awhile to add in all the books I have read.

I think that this could be used in the classroom by teachers to share what they are reading. Making a connection like that to our students and showing them that reading is important could impact the students.

I did go and look at one of the groups and that was the "Banned Books of 2010". Some of them were old books some of them new books. It was interesting to see the passion that people take in their literature and how many people follow that group.


  1. Mrs. Lassley,
    I loved Library Thing. I showed it to my daughter and she was intrigued by it as well. I think that Library Thing can easily be incorporated in Language Arts classrooms for grades 2 and up. Students can keep track of what they read, look for book recommendations, and post reviews.

  2. I also love that I can put it into my blog as you see on the left!

  3. Hi,
    Check out Shelfari.com as well. It has other features that work well for student use. You have some very interesting books on your shelves I need to read.