Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thing #12- Commenting

I will be honest...I have never been a big commentor. That is not to say I do not have opinions about what is being said, but more that I just rant at the screen instead of type. ;-)

Why I was reading the ideas about blogs and commenting, two things really stuck out to me:
1. It has to be a meaningful comment. Commenting just to comment is more destructive than anything else. It is like blogging with nothing to say.
2. Students do not know how to comment. This needs to be fixed. With Web 2.0 breaking down our doors, we need to teach students how to survive using the tools and quit fighting the tide!!

The five blogs that I looked at are:

The blogs that I found are:
What really grabbed me about this blog is is the logo that was at the top of the page. Talk about great marketing. What kept me there was the thoughts posted about library budgets.
This summer I am taking "The Art of Storytelling" for my Masters. The latest blog on here is
"Readers of the Caribbean" Literacy Workshop- How Children Learn Cultural Stereotypes of the Caribbean Through Literature . This is what we have been focusing on in class is the cultural stereotypes and the different stories that are out there that do it. I cannot wait to show it to my professor!

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