Friday, July 9, 2010

Thing #13- Tagging and Discovering Delicious

During one of my master's classes, I actually had to get a Delicious account and practice bookmarking and tagging. After the class I really didn't mess with it too much until talking with the librarian I am replacing and realizing that I could do a lot more with it then let it sit there. This summer I have added so many different sites that I am going to have to start tagging more thoughtfully. Between following technology blogs, cool Web 2.0 tools, authors, and other librarians, my list is growing very long.

In using this with research, I can see teachers find some awesome websites and bookmarking them and then allowing students to use the book marks. I did a book trailer assignment last year and I had typed all of these links to a sheet of paper. Giving the students my blog address and then having them use the sites on there is much more time efficient.

I am also going to use it to give teachers great sites about books, instructional methods, and technology tools.

Look to the left! I was able to put my bookmarks on my blog.

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  1. Hi,
    What I love about these "things" is that they do evolve over time to meet our needs in different ways. I have to remind myself to go back to some of the "things" and use them again for new applications. Reading blogs helps me keep fresh perspectives on these tools.