Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Module 6: One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies by Sonya Sones

Sones, Sonya. One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies. New York: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers, 2004. Print. ISBN: 9780689858208

"I wished I believed in heaven. Because at least then I'd be able to picture you up there with your halo and your wings, flying around with all the other angels, doing good deeds, maybe even watching over me to make sure my life turns out okay."

Ruby is going through some major life changes, and she is not happy about it. Her mother has just died, and she is being sent off to California to live with her dad. The problem is her dad is none other than Whip Logan, famous movie star and absentee father. As Ruby tries to adapt to life without her best friend and boyfriend in this very confusing place, she starts to wonder....who wants me?

In this part free verse poem, part letters story, Sonya Sones take a girl in her teens and pulls her completely out of her element. Not only does she lose her mom, her best friend, and her boyfriend, but she feels like she is losing herself. Written in first person, the reader gets a taste of the raw teenage emotions that so many young adult readers will be able to connect with. By using the free verse, much of the over done detail is left out and the readers just gets the heart of the story. School Library Journal says, "This is not just another one of those gimmicky novels written in poetry. It's solid and well written, and Sones has a lot to say about the importance of carefully assessing people and situations and about opening the door to one's own happiness. Despite several predictable particulars of plot, Ruby's story is gripping, enjoyable, and memorable."

After showing this book as an example, I would have students experiment with free verse by writing poems based on there life and something that they are going through. Students will need to be well equipped with knowledge of the outline of poetry.

Scheps, Susan. "One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies." School Library Journal (2004). Title Wave. Follett Library Resourse. Web. 2 Dec. 2010. .

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