Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thing #7- Cool Google Tools

I knew that Google was doing all kinds of things with new applications. I did not know the extent of them. I set up a Google Alert for Hunger Games, and with it I found this great website complete dedicated to one of my favorite books...just plain awesome!

I also set up a calendar for me and my husband and I tried sharing it with him, but the problem with that is that he does not have a gmail account.

I have also been playing with the different Google Docs applications. I really enjoy using them, but with some of it I need to practice with the tools.

I do know that for the Calendar would work well for scheduling things in the library. I also think that it could be used for when a teacher is working with students on a project. A calendar could be set up and viewed by students with specific notes on what to do and the time line. My students already use Google Docs in English. The teacher can do in and edit their work. I believe it works really well for what they want.

The other interactive tool I have used is Google Maps. When teaching Night, I went on Google Maps to show them the journal he took. Google Maps had it already mapped out with pictures to go with it. It was a great visual to show my student!

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