Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thing #10- Online Image Generator

I had to do a Wordle just because... I LOVE WORDLE!!! I have used it on so many wikis and I very much enjoy using it. I can see using it to introduce vocabulary or a new unit. It is also great for students to use if the are describing a character. The only downfall is that you have to Print Screen and paste into Paint in order to save. (http://wordle.net)

The other one I played with is Trading Card Maker. When my students read Rikki-tikki-tavi, the struggle to visualize what a mongoose was. A trading card like this with information about the animal is a great way to give them information. You could also use this to make posters about historical figures, time periods, math equations, characters from a book, and science terms. (http://bighugelabs.com/deck.php)
I really enjoyed playing with both of these programs. More tools to my already large toolbelt!!


  1. I love the wordle that you did. I played around with the program, but I wasn't able to find how you can determine the main word in the design. We are thinking about creating school shirts with a design from the program, but I couldn't find how to keep our school name in the middle and make it bigger like you did. I also love the idea of using it for vocabulary words and character analysis.

  2. So, how did you get the wordle to copy/paste. I tried it but it didn't work with Adobe.Any help would be appreciated because I love it too!
    Dolly Lama

  3. I love your wordle! I too couldn't figure out how to pick your main word. Will have to work on that. Great job!

  4. I had written instructions and must not have posted: here is how you play with wordle:
    1. To make one word bigger than the rest, type it multiple times on your list. The more times the bigger the font.
    2. If you have a multiple word phrase that you need to input use a ~ between the words (No space).
    3. Once you have created the wordle, "Print Screen", and paste into paint. Then cut it out and put it into a new paint screen and save as a JPEG.

    Hope this helps!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Wordle. I can't wait to try it out and I think students would be fascinated with it too!

  6. Thanks for posting a Wordle! I just might be able to figure how to do one now that I've seen yours. :-)